Atmostrack - the future of transport and infrastructure
Atmostrack - the future of transport and infrastructure

Atmostrack - the future of transport and infrastructure


It is my very very sad duty to tell anyone who looks at this website that the Chairman of Atmostrack, Graham Clinton, passed away from a massive heart attack on 11th June 2014. He was a very special person loved by many and he will be sadly missed by his son Greg, daugter Nikki, sister Ann, and myself Sue Baker, as well as many other family members and friends. A great man who will never be replaced in our hearts.

Atmostrack Technology

Atmostrack is a patented (patent number 7011029) low-tech transportation/infrastructure derivative of the atmospheric railway principle used by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and others in the nineteenth century.

It is low-tech and capable of rapid, inexpensive construction with the added benefit of potentially being a platform for comprehensive infrastructure. is our new website where we share other inventions using or generating compressed air and/or partial vacuum.

The main part of the website is password protected. This is so we can learn something about visitors and, hopefully, gain some additional participants to mutual advantage.

We will issue username and password on request.

Atmostrack does not need oil for power and is capable of running a complex system using renewable power sources only.

The basic atmospheric principle was used in several commercial applications in the nineteenth century. The Atmostrack patent plus modern manufacturing and materials bring the atmospheric principle back to life.

Atmostrack as the Basis of Infrastructure

Atmostrack differs from traditional rail technologies in that in a mature Atmostrack system it is a web rather than a series of lines joining at a hub. Atmostrack's principle is little and often and on demand, not huge, heavy and scheduled. This means Atmostrack can be viewed also as a distribution system for compressed air, enabling fill-up facilities at each node or station. Vehicles powered by compressed air can become more practical when combined with Atmostrack and the ComVac.

Disruptive Technology

Atmostrack is unquestionably a disruptive technology, a "people power" technology versus current oil, banking, politics, war and road carnage related technologies.

The Atmostrack Business Model

The proposed Atmostrack business model is vertical integration combined with participant ownership and transparency in transaction.

Permanent revenue streams will come to participants and remain theirs.

This business model plus Atmostrack's rapid deployment potential will power exponential growth.

Next Stages

Atmostrack is actively looking for the right people to complete our team so we can put down permanent roots.

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